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Ending the year strong. Thank you for al

About Pinball Resurrection

How it started:         

Growing up, the only pinball I've ever played, was on a computer. I’d be lying to say that throughout my childhood, all I did was play pinball and I’ve been intrigued since. Or to tell you that I would always skip school to go spend my lunch money on the pinball machines at the local shops. Because unfortunately, that’s not the case. I stumbled headlong into this crazy world of pinball, thanks in part to my introduction to the owner of PinRescue who shared his knowledge with me, providing the launch I needed. Ever since, I've spent the last 14 years growing and learning about these fascinating Electro Mechanical machines.  And now I can really say, that EM Pinball has become a true passion of mine.

What I do:

There are countless numbers and varieties of pinball machines I've had the pleasure to restore and play.  The best part of my career journey is the fascinating people I’ve come in contact with and the great relationships I've built during the course of the work itself.  Then, there are the game rooms I've encountered. Some that'll make your jaw drop. Best of all,  I spend countless hours "testing" the finished product to ensure reliability. How cool is that- to have fun evaluating  your own work!


My pledge to you:

What I’m here to do is offer every customer what I'm passionate about: Providing a finished product to anyone who flat out enjoys all the beautiful aspects of these mechanical games. Over the years, I've completed restorations for many collectors, celebrities and your average joe pinball enthusiast. I've restored pinball machines (over a thousand and counting), and shipped them all over the country and some around the world. When I sell a product, I stand behind it. My goal is to provide a reliable and affordable pinball machine, and provide someone with a product that'll rekindle their childhood memories and provide that thrill to their families and friends. 

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