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Link above has detailed information on this pin.

Full mechanical restoration

Baseball themed pinball machine. Perfect addition for any baseball fan or collector. This has three kickout holes that’ll put men on base, to help score runs. There’s multi-scoring in the head that keeps track of your runs and your score. Which is a great feature to keep you going after two different scores. And there’s a roto target between the two pop bumpers, that’ll give different types of base hits. Bunch of different features on this game that’ll keep you locked in!

Cabinet is in great shape. Slight wear on the face

of the cabinet, near the coin door. And the sides looks great. Very happy with the original condition of this cabinet. Playfield has the usual wear spot, which I haven’t seen one that hasn’t had this wear,by first base. And a very small mark by third base. Other then that, the playfield is beautiful. The backglass has zero flaking.

1972 Gottlieb Grand Slam (SOLD)

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