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Link above has detailed information on this pitch and bat.

Full mechanical restoration.

Something different in my lineup. A Williams pitch and bat. Williams last EM baseball game, actually. A fun, two player game that allows one person to pitch and the other is up to bat. In addition, a really cool animated backbox feature that is a “running man unit”. Players run the bases in response to what is being scored on the playfield. Electronic sounds of the crowd and cheering for base hits and home runs.


The cabinet isn’t pristine. It has a patch on the side of the head. And looks like the trim around the face of the head, has been painted a gloss yellow. The rest of the cabinet isn’t in bad shape. The lockdown bar is black. Which isn’t correct. But the functions are correct. The backglass has some wear in the spelling of “Upper Deck”. The playfield is in great shape.




For additional photos/videos or information on the restoration, please contact.

1973 Williams Upper Deck (SOLD)

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